The Growing Buzz about ACN Business

ACN, the largest direct seller of telecommunications and must have services for home and business, does its business through a network of marketers all across the world. It is marketing its business to various continents including Europe, North America, Canada, and the Asia Pacific.

Anybody can create a successful home business with ACN, especially if technology is your thing. ACN’s products and services are essential communication solutions people use on a day to day basis. Some of the products the company offers include local and long distance telephone service, video phone, home security, internet and wireless services, and many others.

The company also offers support, training, and information to its distributors or so-called network marketers. If you think that ACN uses a pyramiding scheme, then you are wrong. What it does is direct selling and the company is a member of the Direct Sellers Association.

The foundation of ACN business
ACN was founded in 1993. There are four co-founders namely Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano and Tony and Mike Cupisz. Its original name was American Communications Network Inc. up to this day, all the founders are actively involved in the daily business operations. When it started in 1993, it was just a small company but over the years it has rapidly grown into something bigger. The founders of ACN are experienced network marketers and they are well aware that it needs an evergreen product and the right mindset to succeed in the network marketing business.

ACN started offering long distance telephone services within the United States. Today, ACN’s telecommunication service serves as the benchmark of telecommunications industry in more than 20 countries all over the world.

The state of art product of ACN
The telecommunications industry is on demand considering that we are now living in the internet world. ACN makes sure that its products and services are designed to upkeep with the latest technological advancement. The company’s next generation video phone technology will feature an HD streaming video. The company aims to continue to make it big in the industry.

Going back to ACN’s products and services, distributors will not have a difficult time marketing them because they are what people need today on a daily basis. Everyone needs to connect to their loved ones and it is made possible through local and long distance telephone service. Everybody needs to connect to the world and so each and every one of us need a high speed internet connection. Home security is a major concern too and ACN is well aware of it. Hence, ACN has come up with high quality home security service. It partnered with Security Choice providing ADT services. For its satellite TV service, it partnered with DirecTV and Dish Network. Aside from these essential modern household services, many people loved ACN’s video phone. You can easily pick up the phone and talk and see your loved ones no matter where they are in the world. You don’t have to use Skype or other computer programs.

What sets ACN business apart from the rest is its competitive products and excellent service. No wonder ACN is growing at an amazing rate. It is the best company to join, especially if you are highly knowledgeable about telecommunications and are open to learning new things. The company has been earning millions of dollars every year and the number continues to grow as time passes by.

The compensation package
ACN business uses a multilevel compensation plan. Distributors can make almost 20% on the purchase of every product. You will also receive a residual income when the customers continue using the services offered by ACN. The company teaches its representatives ways on how to build downlines and recruit people other than family and friends. If you don’t have any experience in marketing and sales, you will find yourself having a difficult time starting in this kind of business. The good thing is that ACN does conduct training and seminar to equip their distributors the essential skills and knowledge on how to market the company’s products and services.

What do people think about ACN and other multilevel marketing business?
A lot of people think that multilevel marketing business like ACN is not a legitimate business. Well, this notion is not true. ACN is a legitimate business and it offers high quality products and services.

As a matter of fact, a lot of highly reputable companies partnered with ACN. These companies will not put their name in jeopardy if they think that ACN is a scam. ACN does come with a marketing model and along with determination, knowledge, skills, and right mindset, you will be able to succeed.

Starting in the business can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to bringing people to your network. You begin with recruiting family members and friends. After some training and workshop, you will be able to know the secrets to recruiting random people. If you want to grow your network without having the need to spend more, then you should take advantage of the power of the online world. Online marketing is the key to meeting random people and convincing them not just to patronize the products and services of ACN, but to become an independent business owners too.